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I have heard that I am “pretty for a black girl” my entire life. Men have always insinuated that there was no way I could only be black. “Yeah yeah, I know you’re black. But…what else?” They would point out my features or hair texture or something really stupid that made no sense. They said black as if it was a curse. Black women are some of the most colorful women in the world. We come in all shades…have so many hair textures..eye colors..body types. In this generation, it’s sad to see so many black girls claiming ethnicities that they know nothing about in hopes of impressing a man or appearing ‘exotic’. So many people act as if being black and beautiful is impossible. It’s not. If we wanna get technical and look at our history, almost every black American is mixed. But we must stop implying that a woman’s beauty comes from a part of her that is not black. This shirt is to die for. The link to purchase is in the location. 👑 (at 💳💵:

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